1. Is BHS Homecoming 2022 only for alumni of Bishop's High School?

BHS Homecoming 2022 welcomes alumni, family, friends and supporters. The event is as much a fundraiser as it is a means of getting the alumni and their friends together, for the purpose of reuniting, fellowshipping and reminiscing.

2. What is the cost for the Meet & Greet to be held on Friday, August 5th?

This event is FREE.

3. What is the cost for the Bishopians en Blanc event (the all-white affair) to be held on Saturday, August 6th?

The cost for the event is $600. For those who elect to pay at the door, it will be $700.

4. What is the cost for the Bishopian for a Day event (the family day) to be held on Sunday, August 7th?

The cost for this event for an adult is $250, which is made up of their t-shirt purchase ($200) and their entrance ticket ($50). The cost for a child is $200, which is made up of their t-shirt purchase ($150) and their entrance ticket ($50).

5. If I’m not an alumnus, may I purchase a t-shirt?

Yes! Pick which house you'd like to support and immerse yourself in a rivalry as old as time! T-shirts can be pre-ordered online. Please visit our webpage at BHS Homecoming 2022 t-shirt to pre-order your house t-shirt. As an added note, t-shirts should be ordered along with your ticket as both are needed for entry to the games on Sunday, August 7th. Of course, if you're not attending the games, you can purchase your t-shirt separately.

6. Can I elect to come/pay for only a specific night or day?

Of course you can – but be warned – you will be missing out! Even if you do not intend to attend all the scheduled events for BHS Homecoming 2022, please purchase a t-shirt so you can support your house when you are there.

7. How soon do I have to order my t-shirts?

You haven’t ordered your t-shirts as yet? What are you waiting for? T-shirts are available for purchase at www.bishopians.org/shop-baa Pre-order early to ensure you have your t-shirt in time for the very first event.

8. Does your food-inclusive include drinks?

As a point of clarification, we’re not having your classic all-inclusive where you can eat all you desire as well as drink all you want. Instead, at our event, Bishopians en Blanc, you can eat to your heart’s content. However, we’ve imposed a limit on the number of drinks, THREE per person, so that we can keep the event as affordable as possible, while still raising funds for the school. If you need more alcohol beverages beyond the limit, they will certainly be available for purchase.

9. Will children, as in under 18, be allowed to attend the Bishopians en Blanc event on Saturday, August 6th?

Unfortunately, of all the events in this three-day affair, this is the one reserved for adults who are 18 years and over.

10. What are the other merchandise available for purchase besides t-shirts and can they be purchased individually?

Other than adult t-shirts, the website currently has house-specific wristbands, rule no.1 inspired tumblers and bags and children's t-shirts, which call all be purchased individually or as part of one package or the other. By the end of our marketing rollout, there will be a commemorative hat, inspired by the founder of the school, Arthur Henry Anstey, and a hoodie that will be available with or without a zipper.

11. May I wear my 2019 t-shirt?

To attend the "Bishopian for a Day" event to be held on Sunday, August 7th 2022, your entrance pass will be made up of your current year's t-shirt ($200 for adults, $150 for children) plus your ticket ($50 for adults or children). So you'll need to purchase both to enter the games.