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Welcome Friday! ($0.00)

On Friday 2nd August, from 4 to 10 PM, we meet at Bowles Hall, Bishop's High School, for the official jump-start to the inaugural BHS Homecoming 2019. It’s a meet & greet, as well as the first day to get in some official business.

And what business is that?


On this will be the day you'll finally lay hands on your t-shirt and any other package or individual item you may have ordered for the weekend.

As well, you'll be meeting with your house captains and spinning stories about which house has been the best throughout the years and is most likely to win it all at the Bishopian Games.

Venue, Starting and Ending Times

Aug 02
Bishop's High School, Mt. Marie Road, Scarborough.
Fri 04:00 PM - 10:00 PM (or later)
Come ready tuh give fatigue.



Bishopians en Blanc! ($500.00)

On Saturday 3rd August, let's have brunch at Canoe Bay. Dressed in all white, with the ocean as our backdrop, we’ll eat, drink, and reconnect, while being entertained by artistes yet to be revealed.

This is our opportunity to reminisce about old times, forge new connections and build a deeper Bishopian bond. Registration for the Bishopian Games will also be conducted during brunch so that our events can move quickly along on Sunday.

Venue, Starting and Ending Times

Aug 03
Canoe Bay Beach Resort, Lowlands
Sat 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM (or later)
This is an ADULTS-ONLY event.
Do not forget to wear your wristband.



Welcome to the Bishopian Games! (At the door: $60 Adults, $30 Children)

Day 3 is our big day. It’s the day that will bring back those fond memories of Sports Day at BHS. It’s the day that these four houses that have competed with each other for decades, continue their friendly rivalry.

It’s the day to have even more fun with your Bishopian family. So the events are going to be mostly novelty, with some of the more traditional sporting events sprinkled in for those hoping to rekindle past glory and others who just might be unlikely heroes.

On this day, EVERYONE attending will be a Bishopian for a day, and they will all belong to either Anstey, Bowles, Davies or Reid house. So bring your family along for support.

Venue, Starting and Ending Times

Aug 04
Dwight Yorke Stadium, Bacolet
Sun 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Come in ALL your official alumni wear!

Below are some of the questions we’ve been getting over the past two weeks and we’ve tried to answer them here.

However, if you’re still in doubt about something after going through them, please contact us on Facebook at the following link…


If you're not sure how the Order NOW, Pay LATER option works, there's a video at the top of this page that walks you through the process.

If for any reason you're having problems using any of the features of this website, please go to the top of this page and look at the tutorial video that seems most likely to address your concern.

Has the deadline past for ordering packages?

At this time, no. However, your one limitation will be the availability of t-shirts. Since every package has a t-shirt in it and we're only selling the remaining stock of t-shirts we have, the unavailability of a t-shirt in your size and house may hinder your ability to get the package you want.

Having said that, if for any reason you're delaying ordering anything at all till you can purchase a full package, here's what is your best course of action. Make sure you either buy your t-shirt now or use our Order NOW, Pay LATER option to secure your t-shirt. Everything else in those packages will broken into pieces in a manner that by the time BHS Homecomiing 2019 rolls around, you'd have already pieced together a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze package, over time.

Can I get the wristband, the tote-bag, the tumbler or the cap by itself?

We'll be making an announcement soon about how you can order each item you've seen in the packages.

Has the deadline past for ordering t-shirts?

We gave a deadline for ordering t-shirts last Thursday, July 11th, because our deadline for ordering was Friday, July 11th. However, we took into consideration the fact that many of you would be late and catered for 200 more t-shirts.


And while this may seem to be a good thing for some, it may not work out for all. And that's because any order placed before Thursday 11th was in turn purchased by us. Whereas now,  you're pretty much in a first come first serve race. And when your size and house color is gone, it's gone. So if you still have not ordered a t-shirt, please do so now.

I'm not coming to the games so can I just get a t-shirt?

There is no t-shirt-only option per se, and that's because we made a decision to wrap your entrance fee to the games into the t-shirt cost.

My child or someone I'm purchasing for is still at BHS. What will they get printed on the back of their t-shirt?

Your graduation year is assigned to you from the time you enter school, whether you actually graduate or not. So a student going into school this coming September 2019, is considered Class of 2024. So whatever is the student's pre-assigned year of graduation, that is what will be printed on the back of his or her t-shirt.

I'm an alumnus and I'd like to get a maroon t-shirt right now. May I?

For this BHS Homecoming we'd decided to use the maroon t-shirt for the friends of BHS. For now, we'd like for it to stay that way. After the event, we'll make available the maroon t-shirts to the alumni. Hope you understand our desire to use the colors we have at our disposal to help visually organize our event.

Is the general public invited to this event?

The general public is welcomed to ALL our events.

Can I bring a child to Bishopians en Blanc?

Of the three days of events, this is the only one where we're asking that the adults have their own time. We hope this doesn't deter anyone from attending.

Is it going to be held on the beach?

It will be held on the grass so you don’t have to worry about getting sand in your toes.

Is it an all-inclusive?

It is a buffet-styled event served with 2 complementary drinks. After your first two drinks, you can go over to the onsite bar and request either your traditional off-the-shelf liquor or ask our bartenders to re-create the mixed-drinks we’ve all come to love.

Is there going to be entertainment?

Yes, three acts are going to be there to entertain and take you through the day.

Is anything else happening on that day?

At the brunch, we’ll also be doing registrations for our Bishopian Games which take place the day after, on Sunday, August 4th. So come prepared to list your name for the events you’d like to participate in. As well, there will be some other items on the agenda for the day, which we'll soon publish.

Is the general public invited to this event?

The general public is welcomed to ALL our events.

Is there going to be food at this event?

Yes there will be food and drink at this event, though not anything heavy. Expect to see cutters like wings, fish fingers, etc. With respect to the drinks, they'll be more along the lines of Shandy, Malta and an assortment of beers.

Is there anything planned for after the evening ends at 10?

We'll soon release the details of a special arrangement we've been cooking up with the premiere bar on the island, BarCode, which is owned and operated by BHS alumnus, David Maharaj.

Is the general public invited to this event?

The general public is welcomed to ALL our events.

Can we walk with our own coolers or food?

Yes you may. The only restriction is you cannot come to the event with glass bottles.